What the Constitution Means to Me


What the Constitution Means to Me

Performances March 14th — June 9th, 2019 (extended through August 24th, 2019)

The Hayes Theater
240 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Written by Heidi Schreck
Directed by Oliver Butler

Scenic Design Rachel Hauck 
Costume Design Michael Krass 
Lighting Design Jen Schriever 
Sound Design Sinan Zafar 
Dramaturgy Sarah Lunnie 
Stage Manager Terri K. Kohler


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What the Constitution Means to Me is a True Love Productions Commission.

It’s 1989 and Heidi is trying to earn enough money to go to college by giving speeches about the Constitution in American Legion Halls across the country. When she loses the first round to Becky Dobbins because her speech isn’t personal enough, she decides to go deep. Starting with her great great grandmother, a mail-order bride who died of “melancholia,” she traces the effects of a single sentence of the Ninth Amendment on generations of women in her family – and on the violent men they married.

Presented at New York Theatre Workshop, November 27th — December 30th, 2018.
Presented in co-production with Clubbed Thumb, June 21st — July 1, 2017.